X-Con Quotes
  • If you want peace you must prepare for war ✊🏽
  • The world we live in is the world we create. And the conditions we live in are the conditions we accept.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear. This world was built on lies and deceit.
  • Getting along may be hard at first but it’s the key to our survival.
  • Faith without a fight is like a thought without action. Or words without meaning. Or an idea without ambition.
  • Everything comes with a price.
  • Greed is the birthplace of injustice.
  • Everyone has what it takes to reach greatness... but not everyone has what it takes to pursue it.
  • Now is the time to make up for past failures.
  • Powerful people do powerful things.
  • Without sound, there can be no rhythm.
  • I am just a philosopher of common sense.
  • Human beings most common quality is lies and manipulation.
  • Earth is my god.
  • B.Y.O.S. - Be Your Own Savior
  • It’s the educated people that have destroyed this world.
  • Be better not bitter.
  • Keep changing lives.
  • Word leaders play off the ignorance of mankind.
  • There’s two sides to us. The child we once was, and the adult we have now become. Keep them in balance.
  • Nature favors the predator, not the prey. Stop molding yourself and your family to be like prey, and start molding yourselves to be more like predators
  • The real enemy is the one who would try to pit us against one another.
  • I spent way too much good time on bad people.
  • I once was a hopeless romantic. Until I realized being romantic is hopeless.
  • I've always hated when girls are unavailable because of their previous commitments to a fu*kboy.
  • I've always been a one woman guy. But trying to hold down one woman can often cause you more tears than being a player.
  • That’s the name of the game out here: clean a n*gga out slowly until he dry.
  • Sex and survival be the only things on their mind.
  • The vessel is not as important as what is contained in it.
  • We’re robbing today of tomorrow.
  • I have a whole fu*king generation to inspire.
  • How to get away with tracking humans: put trackers in everything else.
  • Most men and women have near perfect hardware. It’s the software that’s malfunctioning 🧠
  • Let the fools be fools.
  • Sometimes the ignorant must simply be left behind.
  • If all you do is pray for change instead of creating change, then your oppressor has nothing to worry about.
  • Religion is oppression disguised with the promise of a savior.
  • All they did was steal the land. Steal the scrolls. Steal the scared documents and precious stones. Then they gave us a book filled with worlds and comforting stories which taught us to ‘have blind faith’ because this is all how it’s supposed to be 😂
  • Yeah, we’re so smart we have the whole universe thing figured out. And it’s a super-man called god 🙄
  • Here’s the thing about human beings. We’re just uncomfortable about not knowing. So when we don’t know, some of us just make things up. And we assign meaning to things.
  • Everyone’s just trying to get through this thing called life. While inadvertently building their system and empire for them.
  • There’s things you believe to be real which is in fact individual subjective reality.
  • Talk sense to me. Because that’s the only language I understand.
  • Don’t blame the world for your hollow existence. Blame your hollow family. Your hollow friends. Or the hollow town you grew up in. The world is a great big beautiful place that gives us everything we need. It’s the people to blame for your problems. Not the world we live in.
  • Everyone’s just trying to get through this thing called life. While inadvertently building their system and empire for them.
  • Weather you're a hater or a supporter... you still here watching me 👀
  • How can you love a country that does not love you.
  • When you're poor, you are at the mercy of everyone.
  • When I'm gone don't pray for me, spray for me.
  • Religion is just another form of division.
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X-Con and Ras Medi

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