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Crazy World is an informative song reflecting on global issues and world conditions.

The video shows a harrowing look at where we are as a civilization and incites messages of introspection and reflection.

Because of its crucial warning and urgent calls to action, Crazy World will be provided for free. However, this video cannot be sold or re-packaged. It is a gift to the world. Enjoy!

The X-Con Crazy World t-shirt features X-Con along with the Crazy World signage.

The Crazy World Bomb (or World Explosion logo) is a simple concept to understand. Our world is a ticking time bomb, and will eventually explode, unless we reverse the harm we are doing to it.

The Crazy World hat. Wear this as an expression of your resentment towards the abhorrent global activities taking place.

The Crazy World Bomb (or World Explosion Logo) is an iconic look at the world being portrayed as a ticking time bomb.

Nothing more hipster than a white pair of party shades with the Crazy World Bomb (or World Explosion Logo) printed boldly on the front!

Whether you want to stand in solidarity against our rising global issues, or you’re just feeling a little crazy, these shades will suit your purpose!

This dog tag pays homage to the Crazy World Bomb. It shows that you have a short fuse and are ready to explode!

The Air Bomb shows what death from above looks like. It symbolizes the end, and destruction. This is the result of failed communications in this Crazy World we live in, where peace is only achieved through war.


X-Con Feat. Ras Medi

Album Artist:

Crazy World Riddim


World Reggae




Bit Rate:
320 kbps


X-Con and Ras Medi

Written By:
X-Con and Ras Medi

Backup Singer:
Maria Gallan

Produced By:
X-Con and Full Eclip$e
@ Iz Ah Must Productions

Mix and Mastered By:
Dré Major