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Item 1082420 Stainless Steel Button

When words aren’t enough, people simply need to rise up and REVOLT!

Although the Short Range Bullet looks good alone, it was made to be worn with the Peace Keeper accessories.

An essential part of any collection, the Peace Keepers represent those go-to pistols we should all carry as our first line of defense. These become crucial when it’s time for keeping the peace.

The Combat Blade is a primitive reminder of the brute force and violence associated with defending oneself in this so called civilized world.

The Grenade dog tag symbolizes that you’ve been through some type of war or conflict. You can wear this to show solidarity if you or anyone you know experiences a form of PTSD.

The Long Range Bullet is a nice, minimalist design, which goes well with the Assault dog tag.

Item 1082500 Stainless Steel Button

When combating the oppressor, sometimes we must speak their language, which means that when all else fails, an Assault is the only way to overcome persecution and emancipate ourselves from tyranny.

So often we are targeted by people for reasons that are uncontrollable. This dog tag is for anyone that has ever felt like a Target. It was made to compliment any of the Revolution dog tags, but goes especially well with the All I Am series of t-shirts.

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X-Con Sounds Browser Background (Tablet)

The Bullet Holes dog tag is a warning to your oppressor of what he or she will look like if they try to serve you with an injustice. This goes well with any of the gun or ammunition dog tags, as well as the All I Am t-shirts.


X-Con Feat. Ras Medi

Album Artist:

Crazy World Riddim


World Reggae




Bit Rate:
320 kbps


X-Con and Ras Medi

Written By:
X-Con and Ras Medi

Backup Singer:
Maria Gallan

Produced By:
X-Con and Full Eclip$e
@ Iz Ah Must Productions

Mix and Mastered By:
Dré Major